The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

新  加  坡  产  业  发  展  商  公  会

Our Mission

To be a professional and highly regarded representative body providing effective leadership in the advancement of the real estate industry.

Our Logo

The logo depicts REDAS as Singapore’s premier business association in the real estate and development industry and an active partner in the transformation of Singapore into a global city.

  • The blue pillar represents development; the heritage of REDAS
  • The green curve, reminiscent of a leaf, expresses the sweeping landscape.         
  • Rising over the green curve, the red sun suggests dynamism and prosperity

Traversing the blue pillar and supporting the red sun, the green curve symbolises the  integration of the natural and built environment. Together, the 3 elements stand for a Hallmark of Quality.

Our Beginning

REDAS has a unique beginning. Founded in November 1958 by a small group of visionary real estate developers who felt the need to band together as a fraternity to raise standards and promote best practices, the Association was then known as the Singapore Land & Housing Developers’ Association.

As the Singapore economy continued to grow, housing developers extended their activities to building industrial, commercial and retail spaces. In 1977, the association changed its name to Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) to further strengthen its foundation of building public trust, improve standards, and promote design quality for the betterment of the real estate industry.


REDAS’ focus on advocating pro-business and championing excellence and sustainable developments in our built environment has firmly entrenched the Association as the leading representative body for the industry, providing a platform for the views of everyone involved in the real estate industry.


REDAS actively engages regulators, policy makers and stakeholders to promote best practices and to support the growth of a vibrant and progressive real estate industry & businesses in Singapore. The Association also organises seminars and courses to strengthen capabilities and competencies of members as well as activities and events to facilitate connection and business opportunities.

  • Stable and sustainable real estate market In Singapore
  • Business sustainability, diversity and success
  • Effective and productive built environment
  • Innovation, competencies, capabilities and leadership development
  • Connections, collaborations and value propositions
  • A caring REDAS fraternity


Representing some 300 members, REDAS has played a relevant role in the real estate industry since its formation in 1959. REDAS Members have contributed immeasurably to the economic development and growth of Singapore from a third world to what it is today – a cosmopolitan global city, vibrant socially, culturally and economically and one of the world’s most liveable cities.


Today, REDAS is an established institution plugged into a global network of like-minded organizations dedicated to excellence, creativity and enterprise in the real estate industry. As a key stakeholder in the real estate industry and a major contributor to the real estate sector’s growth and job creation, REDAS has been an important partner, building collaborative alliances with various industry stakeholders and working closely with the Government in the phenomenal growth and development of Singapore as a highly developed urbanised city-state.


Over the last six decades, REDAS has been an important partner on our nation-building journey. The landscape of Singapore today is testament to the resolve, resourcefulness and commitment of fellow members of REDAS, past and present, to contribute to the economic development and stability of Singapore’s real estate sector, bringing master plans blueprint into reality and turning many parts of the island into attractive places to live, work and play. This also contributed to Singapore’s economic growth, and created employment and business opportunities for our people.


Today, Singapore ranks among the best as a vibrant global city and an attractive investment destination. The nation has quality real estate and cutting–edge living environment. Developers build homes with families in mind, complementing our world-acclaimed public housing programmes with varied and innovative housing forms. They also build retail malls, offices, medical centres and industrial properties, providing businesses and consumers with dynamic spaces to fulfil their ambitions and lifestyle aspirations.


The Association together with its members will continue to champion excellence and sustainable developments in our built environment, while meeting market imperatives.


As partner to the Government’s national development objectives, REDAS supports the government’s vision of a stable and sustainable real estate market and financial prudence in real estate investment in Singapore.


Members’ business interests and benefits remain at the forefront of REDAS work as the Association actively engages in discussions with the authorities to put forth our views and suggestions on pertinent matters which impact real estate development and the built environment sector.

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