The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Engineering Approach to Asset Enhancement – Technical Due Diligence (Physical class)

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REDAS Boardroom

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This face-to-face three-part knowledge development opportunity steps participants through the key stages involved in asset enhancement, with particular emphasis on the engineering disciplines that accompany such an undertaking. Drawing on the extensive project expertise of Cundall Singapore’s multi-disciplinary engineers, the sessions will cover technical due diligence (TDD), energy performance improvements and structural design optimisation to achieve the most efficient and practical result.


The first session of the series will focus on technical due diligence (TDD) and its significance in relation to owning, or reimagining a property. While TDDs and real assets, in general, are not unique, the approach to TDD can vary depending on the investor’s specific requirements.
The session aims to outline different TDD approaches, highlight their benefits, challenges, and opportunities, and shed light on the evolving trends in due diligence practices over the past decade.


Furthermore, the session will delve into how TDD assessments have become intertwined with Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) planning. With the rising cost of debt, persistently low yields, and increasingly stringent investor demands, clients are looking to TDD assessments to not only provide a balanced assessment of asset risk but also to unlock value and evaluate potential downside challenges due to thematic changes in the market.


To wrap up, the session will provide recommendations on how to maximize the effectiveness of technical consultants and internal teams during the exclusivity period and beyond. These recommendations will help investors leverage the expertise of their consultants and internal resources to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize value in their real estate investments.



  • An understanding of Technical Due Diligence and the benefits for improved decision-making in asset enhancements.
  • Why an evidence-based approach to asset performance enhancements has benefits for all stakeholders?
  • The benefits of leveraging digital engineering design approaches for asset enhancement planning and delivery.



Marcus Kan
Managing Director, Cundall Singapore


As Managing Director at Cundall Singapore, Marcus brings with him a wealth of expertise in delivering technical due diligence projects. He is a chartered electrical engineer as well as a
licensed assessor for BREEAM (UK) and GSAS (Qatar), having accumulated 17 years of experience working on projects in the UK, the Middle East, and Asia. Since joining Cundall in 2016, Marcus has led and managed a multitude of projects spanning a range of sectors from critical systems and industrial to commercial and lifestyle. For Marcus, effective technical due diligence involves fully understanding the client’s requirements, assessing the risks and opportunities concerned with the relevant asset(s), and offering evidence-based solutions. With his extensive experience managing projects and collaborating with various stakeholders. Marcus is well-placed to advise property owners, developers, and buyers on asset investment and enhancement decisions.


Alisdair Gillies
Managing Director, Greengate Advisors


Alisdair is a Chartered Building Surveyor (RICS) and since moving to Singapore 14 years ago has led a significant number Technical Due Diligence projects, for both the seller and buyer, in Singapore and across the wider APAC region. Notable due diligence projects include Aman hotels regional portfolio, Extra Space APAC portfolio, SoilBuild REIT portfolio, New World Hotel portfolio Hong Kong, 20 Anson, 112 Robinson Road, Anson House, Ocean Financial Centre, MBFC Tower 3, and Rivervale Mall. In addition to due diligence, Alisdair has led portfolio strategy, technical investment risk advisory, value management, value engineering, asset management and development projects across multiple asset classes including aviation, office, retail, residential, industrial, hospitality, and infrastructure. He is currently the Managing Director of Greengate Advisors, a boutique consultancy specialising in due diligence, development advisory, project management, and ESG consulting for real estate owners, investors, and lenders.

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