The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry



Real Estate


Real estate is a key sector of the Singapore economy. The real estate industry embodies a diverse eco-system in the built environment in Singapore. A quarter of the top 20 listed companies in Singapore are property companies covering commercial, industrial, residential, retail, hotels, serviced apartments and real estate financial services. In the last 5 years, property has accounted for half of the total fixed capital formation. In addition, one in five persons in the active workforce is employed by the real estate and construction industry.

Today, Singapore ranks among the best as a vibrant global city and an attractive investment destination. The nation has quality real estate and cutting–edge living environment. Developers build homes with families in mind, complementing our world-acclaimed public housing programmes with varied and innovative housing forms. They also build retail malls, offices, medical centres and industrial properties, providing businesses and consumers with dynamic spaces to fulfil their ambitions and lifestyle aspirations.

REDAS members have played a key role in turning many parts of the island into attractive places to live, work, and play through the Government Land Sales program and other urban renewal initiatives. It is a testament to the creativity, entrepreneurship, and commitment of REDAS members, together with other stakeholders comprising financiers, investors, fund managers, builders, industry regulators, allied professionals and consultants.  

As partner to the Government’s national development objectives, REDAS supports the government’s vision of a stable and sustainable real estate market and financial prudence in real estate investment in Singapore. REDAS is confident the real estate in Singapore will remain an attractive and important asset class for all long term local and international investors and homebuyers.

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