The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

[Cancelled] Strata Development Management Series Part 1 – Management Before The Constitution of The MCST (Physical Class)

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*S$324.00 (REDAS Members)
*S$378.00 (Non-Members)
*The quoted fees are inclusive of 8% GST
*The quoted fees are only applicable for Part 1

This is an in-person 4-part series course designed to provide participants practical insights into the performance deliverables and obligations by owner developers with regards to their duties and responsibilities in the management of strata developments from Temporary Occupation Permit to post-1st Annual General Meeting of the MCST.


Part 1 will discuss the key practical considerations involved in the preparation of maintenance fund budgets for approval by the Commissioner of Buildings, and various milestones required to be done by owner developers towards the constitution of the MCST. Time implications involved in the constitution of the MCST for both the single-use and mixed use strata developments will be discussed.

Case studies and real-life examples will be shared to reinforce participants’ knowledge on the tasks required to be done during this stage of strata development management.


Part 1 – Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1. understand the various milestones towards the constitution of management corporation

2. understand the term “common property” for both single and 2-tier MCSTs

3. identify the key considerations for the preparation of maintenance fund budget acceptable to various stakeholders including the Commissioner of Buildings

4. appreciate the time implications with regards to the management of the strata development prior to the constitution of the management corporation


Who Should Attend

Strata Management Managers, Building Owners, Developers, Condominium Managers, Property Officers, Property Executives, Property Agents, Project Managers and Facility Management Service Providers.

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