The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

Strata Management Training Course Part 3: Environmental, Social and Governance planning

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*S$270.00 (REDAS Members)
*S$324.00 (Non-Members)
*The quoted fees are inclusive of 8% GST
*The quoted fees are only applicable for Part 1


This is Part 3 of the 3-part series course., It will discuss on managing environmental, social, and governance planning.


ESG or environmental, social, and governance planning, is now on everyone’s mind. And there’s a reason for this: 2021 will mark the commencement of a new era that will center on sustainability and climate. While some are excited, others are confused about what this potentially herculean task will entail, especially for the Facilities Management and Real-Estate industries. From investing in green buildings to adopting green sustainable energy solutions, investors, tenants and occupiers are all conscious of the impact our decisions can have on the environment. Implementing sustainable practices is not an option anymore, it is a must. In light of this, how can Facilities, Operations and Building Managers devise and implement successful ESG strategies to add value to their properties and make their tenants happy?


Course Synopsis:

•            Define ESG in Property Management

•            Ways of ESG which can be incorporated into Property Management

•            Benefit of ESG practise in property management – long term saving, increase property value, positive impact on environment and local community

•            What are some of the practical practise which can be utilised


Who Should Attend

Building Owners, Developers, Condominium Managers, Property Managers, Property Officers, Property Executives, Property Agents and FM Service Providers, Customer Services Officers, Handover Officers, Project Managers, Suppliers.

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