The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

Revolutionizing Real Estate Development, Optimising Revenue Using AI

Event Details


REDAS Boardroom
190 Clemenceau Avenue
#07-01, Singapore
Shopping Centre,
Singapore 239924


FEES (inclusive of GST)
* $250 (REDAS Member)
* $300 (Non-REDAS Member)

Workshop Overview

  • Where data is becoming more essential than ever and artificial intelligence (“AI”) is progressively being used in all aspects of business, real estate developers around the world are likewise increasingly using data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the processes undertaken throughout the life cycle of a property development with a key objective of maximizing profits.
  • As part of this session, participants will experience ways in which data analytics and AI can be used in real estate development in a Singapore context using actual data sets. Participants will also learn how these methods are being applied in real estate industry, and how innovative business models can be developed on the back of these techniques.



  • Application in the Real Estate Industry in Singapore;
  • Real Life Case Study – optimal building mix & sale strategy and procurement of financing
  • Tools that are in the process of being developed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate how data analytics can help make informed investment decisions, maximize profit and offer exciting opportunities to create new ones;
  • Know the techniques being used at the forefront of real estate data science to enhance your business strategies and create analytical solutions to complex business problems.
  • Leapfrog the competition in the real estate industry and lead the market by understanding the possibilities at the forefront of technology.

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