The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

The Leading Professional and Representative Body for the Real Estate Industry

REAL ESTATE ANALYTICS AND Performance indicators dashboard (RAPID)

A common digital space for developers hosting the relevant information for collaboration, exchange and communication with value chain partners to deliver a project.

“Empower Business Responsiveness through Effective Data Management”

Single source of truth, data organised and transformed for meaningful business decisions.

“Deliver Higher Value through Collaboration within Trusted Platform”

Independently managed and secured platform. Data security assurance.

“Prompt Actionable Insights and Reporting”

Alerts and notifications. On site live data feed. Automated analysis and reporting at a glance. Support effective decision making.

“Predictive Analysis to Anticipate and Mitigate Risks”

Comparison and benchmarking across projects. Data insights related to delays, safety and resourcing.

Riding on Common Data Environment (CDE) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

Data Standard defines what are the information required and how the information is structured for sharing and collaboration within a common data environment to deliver a project.
Data Platform refers to the computer system or technology platform that the data and information is stored, shared and collaborated on in a CDE.

RAPID, the Real Estate Analytics and Performance Indicators Dashboard, is an Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform that allows real estate developers, contractors and value-chain partners to have an integrated view of key performance indicators of Time, Cost, Quality and Safety from Digital Design to Digital Asset Management. RAPID serves as a data aggregator, seamlessly gathering information from various sources in a construction project. With a strong repertoire of 45 comprehensive reports, the dashboard empowers users with a single source of truth of their project and supports decision making. 

The project has gained very strong support from the Government and its agencies (i.e., BCA, HDB, and JTC) as part of the Built Environment Industry Transformation Plan. Funded by the Enterprise Singapore’s Local Enterprise Association Development (LEAD) programme, RAPID will aggregate, share, and manage project data (i.e., cost, time, quality, and safety data) from your value chain partners seamlessly across the 4 different stages of development and display these on a “single pane of glass” dashboard. Regardless of various different type of formats used by your value chain partners (i.e., Excel, MS Project, Autodesk, Novade, SAP, etc.), RAPID is able to extract the data and populate onto the dashboard to highlight critical areas for you to zoom in. For the first time, you are able to see different data from different platforms all in one dashboard.


Hear words of endorsements from...

Mr Chew Peet Mun, Co-chair LEAD Project Steering Committee
Mr Lee Jia Liang, Project Manager MCL Land
Mr Lee Chuan Seng, Co-chair IDD Steering Committee







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